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Are you sure that you are Communicating the Right Message to your Customers?


Are you sure that you are Communicating the Right Message to your Customers?

Are you sure that you are Communicating the Right Message to your Customers?

By Denise Kennedy –

Have you ever read an advert, a brochure, a webpage and felt totally confused, wondering what exactly that person was trying to sell? It’s most likely that the seller is just as confused as you are…Many small business owners launch without having developed a clear marketing strategy, key marketing messages and a communications strategy and action plan. The simple reason being is that they don’t know where or how to start. The result – wrong audience, wrong message, little to no engagement, little awareness, and subsequently no customers and no sales!

Every communications strategy starts with the development of a key marketing message (also called your unique selling proposition or key benefit). Your key marketing message is the number one thing you want your audience to remember about your business and that sets you apart from your competition. Without a message, you cannot develop a communications strategy and plan to reach your target audience.

Your key marketing message can be used throughout all your marketing materials to position your company and your products. Focus on the one key benefit your company or product offers, and reinforce it by saying it in different ways and in different mediums.

The process of developing your key marketing message begins with a thorough analysis of your company’s position in the marketplace. In order to be accurate you need to evaluate what your competitors offer for a similar product so that you can determine the one thing your company or product does better. You also need to understand your customers, what problem they have/what do they need so that you can determine how your product solves this problem/fills this need. Last but certainly not least, be honest! Do not make any false statements and if you claim to be the leader in your field make sure that you have proof points to back that statement.

When you have nailed down you key marketing message, and when it is very clear what you do and what you offer you can then incorporate it into all of your marketing touch points – both online and offline. This will help build your brand and generate awareness and interest. The key is to be consistent across the line by integrating the same key marketing messages into all your communications from website to social media, blogs, brochures, business cards, adverts and videos, to name a few.

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