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How SAP Business One Can Help Your New Retail Business


How SAP Business One Can Help Your New Retail Business

Standing out from the crowd isn’t easy in the retail industry. You must come up with innovative ideas to manage and run your retail business.

One of the easiest ways to gain a competitive advantage on your competitors is to get better with daily business operations and master them. If you can optimise, automate, and master everyday business processes, you’ll find yourself doing better than most of your competitors.

Retailers struggle managing daily tasks. Master it to gain competitive advantage.

If you just started a new retail business, using SAP Business One will help stand out from the crowd and get better with managing your business.

This is, however, just one benefit of using SAP B1. It helps your new retail business in several ways across all verticals.

Here is a sneak peek into what it can do for you.

Is SAP Business One for you?

Before you can even think of using SAP B1 for your business, you must figure out if it is really for your retail business and it is really the best solution available.

Ask yourself following questions.

  1. Are there multiple teams in your organization?
  2. Do teams find it hard to communicate and share information?
  3. Is it a pain to streamline tasks and projects?
  4. Do you’ve multiple people working on the same projects?
  5. Do you’ve to ask for reports and data for analysis from multiple teams and individuals?
  6. Managing business activities and integrating information is complicated?

If the answer to all of the above questions is a loud Yes, SAP Business One is for you.

How it will help your new retail business

Let’s dig a bit deep and see how it will help your retail business in reality.

  1. Business process integration

Imagine you’ve two (or even more) employees working on the same task and you only find it when at the month-end they come up with similar reports.

Imagine the resources wasted.

SAP Business One helps you streamline and integrate business processes. It helps you save resources. You and your team know what they have to do, how it has to be done, and they can monitor the progress in real-time.

All the business processes are integrated.

A new customer order will show in the sales immediately, the inventory will be recalculated, the financial statement will be adjusted, assets will be revalued, cash flow will be updated, and customer account will be created and updated.

Imagine doing it manually.

It will take at least a couple days for the order to reach finance department and warehouse where you then realize that you’re out of stock.

Nothing like this happens with the SAP B1. Everything works smoothly and the entire business operates as a single whole.

  1. Automation

Don’t be afraid of automation.

In fact, putting your retail business on automation from day one will give you a jumpstart. If your business’s routine daily processes run on autopilot, you’ll have all the time to deal with strategic business processes.

SAP B1 has the power to put your business on automation. Starting from customer order processing to inventory management to order fulfillment to order shipping to customer services to billing to financial management to reporting and analysis.

You just name it.

It covers everything.

  1. Easy decision-making

Making right decisions at the right time is crucial for retail businesses. Not just the decision has to be right but it must be timely.

You need to data and reports to make decisions.

SAP B1 helps you in making right timely decisions in two three ways.

  1. It generates meaningful reports automatically on the basis of data that it deals with on daily basis.
  2. Workflow-based alerts help you make decisions on the basis of specific business events such as reduction in conversion rate.
  3. It keeps a record of exceptions and creates reports automatically. For instance, if sales increased significantly on any given day, SAP Business One will generate a report on the same and you’ll be notified. You can then take necessary action accordingly.

Since analysis and reporting are real-time, therefore, you don’t have to wait for your reporting and analysis team to create a meaningful report for you. It is always there in the system.

This allows making decisions right on time when they’re needed.

  1. Easy-to-implement and use

SAP Business One is affordable, easy to implement, and easy to use complete business management system.

The transition doesn’t take ages, it is instant. Once it has been installed and implemented, your staff doesn’t need the training to get started, it is simple and extremely easy-to-use. Even if they need training, there are free online training resources available to choose from.

Here is a list of some major features that make SAP B1 user-friendly as well as business-friendly.

  • It has a simple user interface that’s intuitive in nature. It is just like using Windows or any other software. The user-interface makes it super-simple for your employees to get a hold.
  • It needs minimal maintenance and modification. Once it has been installed and implemented, you’ll rarely have to modify it.
  • Managing and administrating the entire SAP system is quite simple that reduces the cost as well as helps streamlining the operations to a significant extent.
  1. Improve customer satisfaction and relationship

Making your customers happy is a piece of cake with SAP Business One. It deals effectively with Customer Relationship Management by monitoring and understanding your customer needs based on demographics, buying patterns, and other variables.

Based on the advanced reporting on customer needs and behaviors, you can take steps to make your customers happy. Not just happy but you can increase revenue per customer and at the same time, convert customers into loyal customers.

Planning to start a customer loyalty program?

SAP Business One allows you to create and implement customer loyalty programs for your retail store. This helps increasing revenue and in building strong relationships with your customers.

This is just a basic overview of how SAP Business One will change the way you manage your retail business. Once you’re onboard, possibilities are endless.

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