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Irish Drinks Innovation Agency, InnoBev, Launches Ireland’s First ‘Drinkubator’


Irish Drinks Innovation Agency, InnoBev, Launches Ireland’s First ‘Drinkubator’

Armed with years of experience in the drinks industry, Stephen Dillon, founder of InnoBev Ltd., has launched Ireland’s first “Drinkubator” after identifying a gap in the market for start-up beverage brands. InnoBev is an Irish drinks innovation and development agency with a sharp focus on assisting start-up beverage brands in going from concept to shelf in a matter of 6 months!


We specialise in creating innovative brands and helping other beverage entrepreneurs and brands by bringing ideas to life. InnoBev is one of Ireland’s leading beverage innovation services, with strong partnerships with established production and packaging facilities and our in-house, small-scale facilities”.


As a well-networked individual in the drinks industry and having launched a range of beverage brands himself, Stephen came across one universal obstacle time and time again for start-ups in this industry; finding companies willing to work with them, whilst also accommodating low-volume production runs. 


Low-volume production runs are key for start-up beverage companies as it gives them an opportunity to test their product against the market, adapt to changes suggested by consumers in the early stages of the product life cycle and to keep their business costs down. Start-up companies are essential in every industry as they introduce innovative products to the market and create local jobs. InnoBev was created to help Irish producers bring their products to life, without unnecessarily high minimum order quantities!


Their services range from contract distilling, recipe development and brand development to small-scale bottling/canning! From the moment you have that ‘eureka’ moment, InnoBev are there to assist with every step of the drinks innovation process.


They are no strangers to drink development either, with 3 core products available in their portfolio; Inginuity small batch, Irish gin, Greenheart tetra pak water and their most recent release Blacktwist Irish coffee liqueur.


InnoBev are currently onboarding clients to assist them with their beverage development and production needs. 


For enquiries regarding beverage development and production, contact InnoBev Ltd at +353 (01) 961 8922 or email


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