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Irish Drinks Innovation Company RTM Beverages Expands Hard Seltzer range


Irish Drinks Innovation Company RTM Beverages Expands Hard Seltzer range

Loki & Co. Where Low Is Key! – Europe’s original hard seltzer launches in cans and introduces a new Strawberry & Lime flavour..

Loki & Co. ( launched in 2017 and as such is Europe’s original ‘Hard Seltzer’.. ‘when we launched it is fair to say that we were way ahead of the market’ according to Stephen Dillon founder of RTM Beverages the Dublin based drinks innovation company. ‘We are delighted that the category has finally taken off and interest has boomed not only in Ireland but also across Europe. We are currently in talks with several export markets and it is great that we no longer have to explain what hard seltzers are!. We knew that the RTD market was due a shake up and that consumers were turning away from overly sugary products and looking for lower calorie options, hard seltzers provide a great solution to this consumer demand’.

The Loki & Co. range is made with sparkling Irish natural mineral water carefully blended with natural fruit flavours and a wine base to produce a less sweet and more authentic 4% ABV drink at only 85 calories per 275ml bottle or 100 calories per 330ml can.

The drink which is low in calories, carbohydrates, sugars and is naturally gluten free provides exciting refreshment. Loki & Co. is available in 3 flavours – Apple & Elderflower, Orange & Mango and now Strawberry & Lime.

“Our development wont stop here, as pioneers in the No-Lo and hard seltzer categories we have plans to continue to expand our range with some great new products and flavours under development. Our ethos is to be completely consumer focused and we can adapt quickly as the exciting No-Lo categories continue to evolve” adds Stephen.

For sales enquiries contact: RTM Beverages Ltd (01 9618922) or e-mail:

www.Lokidrinks.comLoki & Co. Hard Seltzers

RTM Beverages also produces a range of alcohol free drinks under the brand Noki & Co.

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