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Startup Story – Bee Advertised


Startup Story – Bee Advertised

Tell us what your business does?

Bee Advertised provides Digital Marketing Support for Small to Medium Sized businesses. It provides clients with no nonsense advice on Social Media, Blogging, Website maintaince, we are much more than a web-design, infact little my work is design, I focus on growing your business using the internet and the tools available to you.Where did the idea for your business come from?

The idea for Bee Advertised came from my interest in SEO and the workings of Search Engines which was the subject of my Degree paper. I saw a gap in the market for and SEO service that focused on the client and its customers. My key philosophy in Digital marketing is ”You cannot market a business or industry that you don’t know or understand” As a result there is no out of the box SEO solution. All of my clients are people not numbers.

What planning did you do before you started up?

I studied IT in college and focused on search engine optimisation, I then completed a start your own business course and set about creating my business plan.

Which entrepreneurs do you admire?

Bill Cullen, Richard Branson, Kim Garst and Tony Robbins

What challenges have you faced & how have you overcome them?

Funding is the big issue for me in business, because my business is knowledge based it is next to impossible to get investment, I have overcome this by alot of reinvestment. Keeping motivated is difficult at times when there seems to be alot of doom and gloom in the air surrounding business, I like to keep positive.

How have you promoted your business?

I have promoted my business using Social Media and my website however the biggest success for me in promoting my business is getting out and meeting and talking to people. I have discovered that people do business with people not brands, well in the early stages anyway!

Are you optimistic about 2014?

Very optimistic, things are starting to change again and business confidence is growing.

What advice would you give to budding entrepreneurs?

Firstly I would say *Go for it* It’s never going to be the right time, so just get on with it. Yes, it’s scarey, yes you will need help, yes you’ll be told you can’t/shouldn’t, but go with your heart! Surround yourself with like minded people who will support you. Make sure you trust the people who are giving you advice.

Be honest, keep networking, keep promises, keep positive and keep going!

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