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Two Irish Graduate’s Startup Goes Stateside


Two Irish Graduate’s Startup Goes Stateside

Two Irish graduates are looking ahead with confidence, after their startup company’s product was showcased at a Wall Street summit for business leaders in March.

The eighth annual Ireland Day – known as the ‘Irish Davos’ – was held at the New York Stock Exchange on 13 March, bringing together political and corporate figureheads from both sides of the Atlantic to discuss the nation’s contribution to the world economy. The event attracted guests including members of the US Congress, Chamber of Commerce representatives, and the CEO of Primark, Paul Marchant.

Also in attendance were directors from leading cryptocurrency firm MingoCoin, who were able to demonstrate their innovative business model with a unique video produced by Dublin-based Animation Explainers.

Animation Explainers was founded last June by Dylan Healy, a 24-year-old marketing professional from Douglas, Isle of Man & Aaron Connolly, a 22-year-old a DCU Computer Science student from Castleknock, Dublin. The idea came from a desire to help companies in niche industries explain their otherwise complex operations in a simple and easy-to-understand format, through the medium of short online videos.

Having now built a reputable client base around the Republic of Ireland, Dylan is hoping to bring Animation Explainers’ message to emerging industries back in the Isle of Man.

There are also exciting plans to develop a new product for use in higher education, which it’s hoped can be unveiled shortly.

Dylan said:

“As a small start-up, we were thrilled that Animation Explainers had a presence at the event. This marks a real turning point for us as we build on our business strategy at home and away in the USA.”

“Simple is not the first word which comes to mind when you look at the current digital landscape involving blockchain, AI, biomed, fintech and greentech; but the potential for something like blockchain to radically transform our institutions is huge. And 95% of the population does not understand it at all.”

“I see Dublin in 2018 as a hotbed for licensing and regulation in these niche areas. You can already see some really innovative and crypto-friendly companies popping up around Dublin, and this is why I am reaching out to local businesses to help make the digital asset economy less daunting for it’s users.”


About the Author

Animation Explainers develop video content to help complex businesses simplify and get their message across to their potential clients. Here’s the lowdown on their business, and what they can offer yours. 

We create simple animation videos which help to explain the type of product or service offering across a range of different companies, this sits as a simple icon on your website or any social media stream & will explain everything you do within 30 to 90 seconds.

The idea came from the desire to help companies in niche industries explain their otherwise complex operations in a simple and easy-to-understand format through the medium of short animated videos. 

Get in touch with Dylan and Aaron at 

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