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What makes a well-designed business card?


What makes a well-designed business card?

To be honest, while it’s a matter of taste, ultimately from a graphic design perspective, the best business cards are the simplest ones. They should include the relevant contact details without over burdening the business card itself. For instance, if the address is long, is it even necessary to include it if business is mainly conducted elsewhere?

The logo should be the “hero” of the card, so that the brand and business is memorable and recognisable. A well-designed logo will represent the business and offer a hint to the personality or identity of the business. Consideration should be given to printing on both sides of the card. This might allow the business card to have the actual company logo on one side and contact details on the reverse. This frees up space and allows the details to breathe.

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If there is a website, emphasis should be placed on that as more information can be included there. More and more businesses are encouraging traffic to their websites for full information.

Another element of the design process for designing a good, decent business card is considering the board they are printed on and the finish. For a long lasting card, a finish can be put on top of the card to keep it clean and strong – a matt laminate will do the trick. This is extremely important when engaging with new business.

One of the best-designed business cards could simply have a logo, telephone number and website address. Ultimately nothing else is necessary.

My advice would be to engage with a good graphic designer for this and avoid the tempting offers of cards online. If an offer seems too good it probably is. It’s evident that little or no thought is put into the designs of the cards as every card should reflect the company and it’s identity. And the print quality is usually pretty awful and the card is cheap. This is not what you want for your business.

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